Timu ya Catalyst imeanzishwa Tanzania

Data and Strong ties or collaboration at Districts level are Vital in Stunting Reduction

Lack of district data and too little collaboration are among the setbacks holding back efforts to reduce stunting in Tanzania.

To gain commitment at lower level require access and use of their own generated data for planning and decision making.


With support from World Food Programme (WFP) and Prime Minister Office (PMO), a 'Catalyst Team' has been established to accelerate the implementation of the Tanzania NMNAP , including stunting reduction, and the provision of evidence based information to the Multisectoral Nutrition Technical Working Group (MNTWG).

This team is formed of 6 staff from the PORALG and the TFNC and a team leader, Ester Elisaria from Ifikara Health Institute. It was launched on the 13th November.

The team underscores the commitment to building a strong nutrition system in Tanzania through fostering alliances, networking and collaboration among stakeholders at national, regional and council levels.

Roles and function of the Catalyst Team

  • Facilitating Collaboration and improving Nutrition Data Management
  • Testing District Collaboration Model; the Catalyst Team will be working out how we can foster great on-the-ground collaboration in districts.
  • Plan and scope implementation of: rollout of anthropometric tools and training to measure stunting at the district level, strengthening data systems (scorecard, stakeholder tracking tool, nutrition report library), nationwide rollout of District Collaboration Model
  • Communicate regularly on progress: watch this space for regular updates from the team
  • Longer-term outlook

  • Initial two-month funding supported by WFP, with aim to secure long term funding for permanent team as soon as possible • In the longer term the Catalyst Team is planned to oversee nutrition data systems, providing insights to the MNTWG and PMO and to foster collaboration on the ground
  • Activities

  • The team will be going to Bahi (Dodoma) and Pangani (Tanga) over the course of December - February. This will involve training district on the principles of better collaboration, as well as sensitisation on the new role of the steering committees (as per the new TORs)
  • Catalyst Team:

    Team Leader: Geoffrey Chiduo-TFNC, Data Lead: Adam Hancy-TFNC,District support Team Focal Point:Jeremiah Mwambange-PORALG, Support A: Deborah Charwe-TFNC,Support B: Maria Ngilisho-TFNC, Support C: Gabriel Shayo-TFNC, Comms: Lwitfrid Nnally-TFNC